Hockey Puck Battles

Ice Hockey Puck Battles

We've already learned what it means to have possession of the puck in an ice hockey game. Throughout the course of a game, teams are constantly changing ownership of the puck through turnovers. A turnover is a change of possession without a goal in ice hockey.

In this tutorial, we will learn about puck battles, where they happen on the ice, and how they can result in a turnover.

Puck Battles

A puck battle is a situation where players from opposing teams are contesting for possession of the puck.

The Boards

Not all puck battles happen in the middle of the ice. In fact, most puck battles happen near the boards.

The Outcome

There are two outcomes the can happen as a result of a puck battle:

  1. A team loses control of the puck (turnover)
  2. A team maintains control of the puck

In either case, puck battles are one of the main ways the puck changes possession during an ice hockey game.