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Hockey Cycling

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We've already learned about passing and how important it is for the attacking team. Passing allows for a team to find openings on the ice for shots to be taken and for goals to be scored.

In this tutorial, we will learn about cycling and why it is an effective passing strategy for the attacking team in ice hockey.

Attacking Zone

The attacking zone, also known as the offensive zone, is the zone that the team with possession of the puck is trying to score a goal in.

Hockey Attacking Zone

REMEMBER: The attacking zone and the defensive zone are based on the direction of play. One team's attacking zone is the other team's defensive zone.


Cycling is a passing strategy in ice hockey utilized by the attacking team in the attacking zone to find openings on the ice to score goals.

Cycling the puck is essential to creating a scoring chance on the ice. When cycling the puck, players on the attacking team persistently pass the puck to one another in an effort to open up the ice and to create a scoring opportunity. This is how most goals are scored in hockey.

PRO TIP: If a team is passing the puck frequently in the attacking zone, you can be confident they are utilizing a cycling strategy of some sort.

Players will position themselves in a variety of places on the ice in the attacking zone. Like in the slot, the point, or near the boards.


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