Best Ice Hockey Stick Wax

Ice Hockey Stick Wax

Stick wax is a necessity when climbing the ranks of professional ice hockey. Hockey players that are looking for more control over the puck, less wear and tear on the stick’s tape job, and accuracy in their shots use stick wax often to bring their game to the next level. 

What is stick wax used for in ice hockey?

Stick wax is crucial for any ice hockey player to have on their stick. A thin layer of stick wax over top of the tape provides many benefits to new players and veterans alike. The stickiness of the wax reduces friction and gives players more grip on the puck as they take shots, dangle between defenders, or receive passes from teammates.

The wax also offers a protective layer for the stick tape as the wax resists moisture and snow. This protection will ensure the tape lasts longer and give players more time in between wrapping their stick’s blade with tape. While wax makes the tape job last longer, its protective qualities also allow the stick itself to resist water and snow damage, preventing harm and prolonging the stick’s overall lifespan.

Things To Consider

When looking for stick wax, you'll want to consider the following:

  • How much do you want to spend on stick wax?
  • How much stick wax do you need?
  • What type of packaging do you want the stick wax to come in?

Types of Hockey Stick Wax

While some ice hockey stick waxes are slightly more water resistant or a little less chunky when applied to the blade, the main difference in stick waxes is the packaging that is either in a can or a deodorant-style push holder.

Canned Wax

Ice Hockey Canned Wax

Canned wax provides an easy way to transport the stick wax without it getting all over the other items in a player’s hockey bag. Canned wax does come with the drawback of sticky hands, as the player has to pull the wax out of the can to apply it to the stick’s blade.

Deodorant-Style Wax

Ice Hockey Deodorant Style Wax

Deodorant-style wax gives ice hockey players the same portable container, like canned wax, however it negates the one drawback of sticky hands. With the deodorant-style casing, players can lather it on their sticks without having to touch the wax itself, making for easier application and less cleanup.

1. Mr. Zogs Sexwax Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $7.50
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Brand: Mr. Zogs

The highest-rated hockey stick wax, Mr. Zogs Sexwax Hockey Stick Wax is beloved by hockey players and comes in many configurations, so you will easily find one that meets your needs. First, Mr. Zog’s offers six different hardnesses of stick wax, with the “1X” formula being the softest and stickiest, and the “6X” being the hardest and best suited for extreme cold. The “1X” is just about the grippiest wax out there, so if you are looking for maximum puck-handling prowess, go with the soft formula. Hockey players agree that in addition to providing good protection against ice buildup, Mr. Zogs is truly the best at increasing control on the puck while passing and shooting. 

Adding to the options, four scents are available, with corresponding colors: white is coconut-scented; red is strawberry; green is pineapple; and purple smells like grape. Mr. Zogs Sexwax is sold as a 75-gram disc-shaped bar, costing between four and eight dollars. The wax comes shrink-wrapped without a container, so keep in mind that you must find a place to store it. 

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2. Howies Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $10.99
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Brand: Howies Hockey

Howies Hockey is known for making some of the best hockey stick tape in the industry, and their stick wax is of equally high quality. Made in the USA from Howies Hockey’s original formula, Howies Hockey Stick Wax prevents ice and snow from building up on your blade and increases grip on the puck. The wax is light blue in color and comes in a classic disc shape. An 80-gram tin costs between six and 11 dollars. 

The strawberry-kiwi scent is amazing, making Howies one of the best-smelling stick waxes around. One major advantage of Howies Hockey Stick Wax is that it is easy to apply and exceptionally long-lasting. Howies reliably prevents ice buildup on your stick for up to 90 minutes of continuous use during a practice session. The grip Howies provides on the puck is adequate, but there are stickier waxes available. You can also apply Howies Hockey Stick Wax to your skates as a way to protect the boots and repel ice and moisture.

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3. A&R Sports Puck Form Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $5.99
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Brand: A&R Sports

A&R Sports Puck Form Hockey Stick Wax is one of the hardest stick waxes available, making it well suited for low temperatures. One of the greatest things about A&R Sports stick wax is that it provides excellent protection against ice and moisture without significantly changing puck-handling characteristics. The wax is a translucent white color with very little scent. So if you are a player who does not like an overpowering aroma from your stick wax, A&R Sports may be the one for you. 

Although it is highly protective against moisture, the hardness of A&R Sports stick wax means it is not very sticky, so try other brands if you are looking for a major increase in puck control from your wax. A&R Sports Puck Form Hockey Stick Wax comes in a black plastic container that is shaped to look like a hockey puck. A 40-gram container costs between four and eight dollars. This is a smaller package than most other stick waxes, so you might want to grab two! 

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4. Grip Boost Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $9.95
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Brand: Grip Boost

Grip Boost Hockey Stick Wax is one of the highest-performing stick waxes; and it is designed for use at the highest levels of hockey. Testing has shown that Grip Boost reduces ice buildup four times better than other leading stick waxes. In addition to being incredibly effective at keeping your stick clean and dry, Grip Boost adds a proprietary grip formula to their wax base, providing increased puck control. One of the most delicious-smelling stick waxes, Grip Boost has a strong candy fragrance. Although it is extremely durable once on your stick, the one downside to Grip Boost is that it can be difficult and tedious to apply to the blade, occasionally crumbling.

Grip Boost Hockey Stick Wax is sold as a dark blue disc which comes in a 75-gram tin costing $10. A useful feature of the packaging is a screw-on lid. Unlike the press-on lids of most other stick waxes, you can feel confident that your Grip Boost tins will stay securely closed, even when tossed around in your bag. 

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5. A&R Sports Wax-On Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $8.40
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Brand: A&R Sports

A&R Sports Wax-On Hockey Stick Wax is a softer formula than the Puck Form Hockey Stick Wax from the same brand, making it a better option if improving puck-handling is your main focus. The deodorant style stick makes it one of the easiest stick waxes to apply to your blade, and the self-contained format and tight-fitting lid mean you can throw it in your bag without making a mess. A&R Sports Wax-On Hockey Stick Wax is unscented, so it is a great choice if you prefer to avoid strong smells and want a sticky wax.

A great feature of A&R Sports Wax-On Hockey Stick Wax is that it is available in either clear or black color. Match the clear wax to white stick tape and use black wax on black tape to keep your blade looking extra fresh and squeaky clean. A 42.5-gram stick costs between five and nine dollars. One stick is about half as much wax as a traditional disc-style form, so order two!

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6. Absolute Filth Premium Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $9.99
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Brand: Absolute Filth

With a focus on environmental responsibility, Absolute Filth Premium Hockey Stick Wax is made of a blend of soy, coconut, and bees waxes. Each of the three ingredient waxes is specifically selected to provide an element of optimum stick wax performance. One of the greatest things about Absolute Filth is that it is so easy to apply! It only takes a few passes to get the blade loaded up with wax, so you won’t waste precious time. Also, Absolute Filth is very robust against the cold, going on easily even in the chilliest locker rooms.

It is one of the stickier waxes on the market, so go with Absolute Filth if you are craving increased puck-handling and often find yourself waxing your stick in cold environments. Absolute Filth Premium Hockey Stick Wax is offered in a pure wax version, as well as seven scents, including Lemon Pound Cake, Banana Bender, and Strawberry Slapshot. The 80-gram tins feature a secure screw-top lid and cost 12 dollars each.

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7. Franklin Sports Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $9.99
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Brand: Franklin Sports

Formulated with a major focus on stick-handling, Franklin Sports is so proud of the grip characteristics of their Hockey Stick Wax that they put its “Stick Cheddah” nickname right on the front of the tin. In addition to its excellent grip, Franklin Sports Hockey Stick Wax is great at repelling moisture, keeping your stick tape dry through the entire game. One of the strongest-scented and most delicious-smelling stick waxes, the Orange Vanilla scent actually smells like real oranges and vanilla, unlike the chemical smells of some other waxes.

So, if you want greater puck control and are looking for a strong but natural scent, then Franklin Sports might just be the stick wax for you! The wax is orange in color and formed into a disc with a rounded bottom that makes application easier than most classic disc forms. There is also a nifty plastic bracket inside the container to help with removing and maintaining the wax. Franklin Sports Hockey Stick Wax is available in a 75-gram tin that costs ten dollars.

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8. Odor-Aid Puck N' Awesome Hockey Stick Wax


  • Price: $9.50
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Brand: Odor-Aid

A great choice for Canadian hockey players who want to support businesses in their home country, Odor-Aid Puck N’ Awesome Hockey Stick Wax has been made in Canada for over 25 years. Odor-Aid is a Canadian brand specializing in products to help eliminate unwanted smells from sporting equipment. In addition to hockey stick wax, Odor-Aid also makes disinfectant sprays, odor-eliminating pods, shower gel, and goggle defogger.

As you would expect from a company called Odor-Aid, one of the best features of their stick wax is the incredible aroma of its bubblegum scent. Hockey players like it, but moms and kids especially love the potent, nostalgic smell. On top of smelling great, Odor-Aid’s stick wax provides all the grip and moisture protection you expect from a top-level product. The wax is pink to match the scent and is formed in a classic disc shape. A great value, Odor-Aid Puck N’ Awesome Hockey Stick Wax is available in a long-lasting 100-gram tin for under ten dollars.

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9. Sticky Bumps Rink Series Hockey Wax


  • Price: $4.99
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Brand: Sticky Bumps

If you are looking for a grippy yet durable stick wax from a brand that specializes in high-performance sporting waxes, try Sticky Bumps Rink Series Hockey Wax. Based in Vista, California, Sticky Bumps has been manufacturing scientifically researched and designed waxes for over 50 years. In addition to hockey stick wax, they also make performance waxes for surfing, snow sports, and cycling. Sticky Bumps Rink Series Hockey Wax is one of the best choices for increasing puck control, thanks to it being one of the stickiest stick waxes on the market.

Sticky Bumps Rink Series Hockey Wax is white and formed into a square shape, with a score down the middle for easily breaking in half. Sticky Bumps wax comes in a cardboard box, which is not as convenient or durable as other stick waxes sold in tins. However, Sticky Bumps Rink Series Hockey Wax is one of the best values available, with an 85-gram bar costing only five dollars!

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10. Big Wah's Green Tin of Hockey Wax


  • Price: $5.99
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Big Wah’s Hockey Wax

Big Wah’s has only recently joined the hockey stick wax game, but they have already made a big impact by selling high-quality waxes at a great value. Made in the USA, Big Wah’s stick waxes are the best choice for hockey players who want premium performance at a fraction of the price of other big brands. Big Wah’s is one of the most durable and longest-lasting stick waxes, meaning you don’t need to use as much or apply as frequently. It also significantly improves the lifespan of your stick tape, only adding to the value.

Big Wah’s Green Tin of Hockey Wax is, as advertised, green in color and features an inviting and tropical coconut scent. It is formed in a traditional disc shape and arrives in a 75-gram tin, costing six dollars.

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When choosing the right stick wax, players must consider the longevity, cost, and the amount of wax in each container to get the most bang for their buck.


Some waxes on the market can last up to two full hockey seasons, but most wax packages are used up after a season. However, every player has different preferences as to how often they like waxing their stick. This will affect how quickly they go through the wax.


Stick waxes are relatively low-priced in comparison to other hockey equipment. One container of wax can cost as little as $4.00, but can cost as much as $10.00. While prices vary between brands, finding the right wax again comes down to what exactly players are looking for in their stick wax. 


Waxes can be purchased in bulk or in single use packages. The largest of the single uses comes in at 140 grams of wax, but most sizes are around 75-80 grams. Waxes can be purchased in bulk for cheaper prices on most hockey equipment websites.


How much does stick wax cost?

Generally most stick wax can be purchased for less than $10, regardless of the brand. Stick wax is one of the cheapest pieces of hockey equipment in a player’s bag. Even one of the most reputable brands, like Howies, sells individual stick wax on their website for around $6.00.

What does waxing a stick do?

Waxing their stick gives hockey players an advantage when handling the puck and taking shots on net. By reducing friction between the puck and the stick’s blade, wax gives players more control over their shots and makes for a tackier feel when handling the puck on the ice. In addition, stick wax acts as a protective coating on the stick’s tape job and blade. This protective coating prolongs the life of both the tape and the stick by resisting ice and water.

What part of the stick do you wax?

Exactly where the player applies wax on the stick is a personal choice. Since there is little disadvantage to using wax, most players apply wax on the blade’s front and back to protect both sides from snow and ice damage. However, it is important to focus the wax on the bottom half of the blade as this is where the majority of the handling occurs with the puck, and this is what will improve stickhandling and shot accuracy.