Ice Hockey Stick Blade Protectors

Ice Hockey Stick Blade Protectors

Ice hockey stick blade protectors are used for hockey players to protect their blade from getting damaged or chipped. There are many brands available, as well as a variety of types of protectors that are made from different materials. Each type has different qualities that are beneficial and protective to the user and blade. 

What are ice hockey stick blade protectors used for?

Ice hockey stick blade protectors are used to improve hockey performance while protecting the blade from damage. Blade protectors are an important piece of equipment because they soften the blows of the playing surface and protect the blade, making them last longer. Additionally, they are lightweight, flexible, and provide an ice-like feel for the players while sliding their sticks across the ground. Typically made from plastic and adhesive, these blade protectors are highly durable and last between two and five sessions. One interesting fact about ice hockey stick blade protectors is that they can be used on any playing surface, not just ice. 

Things To Consider

When looking for ice hockey stick blade protectors, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Which part of the blade do you need to protect?
  • What kind of hockey stick do you have?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a hockey stick blade protector?
  • What type of blade protector are you looking for?


The three most common types of ice hockey stick blade protectors are wrap around protectors, bottom edge blade covers, and full blade covers.

Wrap Around Protector

Wrap around protectors are versatile, one-piece blade covers that are able to stick on the blade, allowing them to be used on any surface. The formulated plastic material is able to fit on any curve and be cut to fit the size of the blade with scissors. This allows for maximum durability and flexibility.

Bottom Edge Blade Cover

Bottom edge blade covers are another type of blade cover that is manufactured for chip protection of the blade edge. When playing ice hockey, the edge of the blade suffers wear and tear. A bottom edge cover helps to prevent further damage. This differs from other types of blade covers as it protects a specific part of the blade from being damaged.

Full Blade Cover

Full blade covers protect the full hockey stick blade from damage when playing the sport. Usually made out of plastic, these covers are highly durable, flexible, and often come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It also allows players to have more grip and control when playing, and provides full coverage of the blade, allowing it to be long-lasting. 


There is a wide variety of brands to choose from when it comes to ice hockey stick blade protectors. The most popular brands include WrapAround, Blade Armor, and Blade Saver.

  • WrapAround: Hockey WrapAround creates one piece covers for hockey stick blades and fits the curve of any blade. Its durability allows the product to stay in place on the sides even when the bottom is wearing away. 
  • Blade Armor: Blade Armor has created a three layer chip protection tape and plastic covering for hockey blades. The first layer allows the tape to adhere to the blade, the second layer has a 9.5 inch long armor tape, and the third has a vapor barrier tape to allow for moisture control. 
  • Blade Saver: Blade Saver creates affordable one size fits all blade protectors which can be cut to size as necessary for shorter blades. Its lightweight, durable, and easy to use qualities make this brand popular. 


The durability, cost, and sizes that are available are important factors to consider when buying ice hockey stick blade protectors.


Depending on the brand and type of material used, blade protectors should last between two and five sessions. They need to be replaced occasionally, depending on the playing surface and how roughly and often they are used. However, the durability of blade protectors are generally high, and materials such as plastic tend to be more long lasting. 


The cost of ice hockey stick blade protectors varies from $20 to $30 dollars. However, the price can vary based on the brand and type of blade protector you choose to purchase. That being said, the majority of blade protectors that are high quality and durable on the market are in this price range, and customers should expect to pay around $25 for a blade guard. 


Ice hockey stick blade protectors typically come in small, medium, and large sizes. Although some brands and types are one size fits all, the blade protector should wrap perfectly and stick around the blade. The variety of sizes allows the cover to fit snugly according to the size of the blade.  


How long do ice hockey blade protectors last?

Ice hockey stick blade protectors typically last between two to five sessions, but this depends on the durability of the brand and type of blade protector that is being used. Additionally, skating sessions can vary in times depending on the person, which may also make a difference on how long it lasts.

How much do ice hockey blade protectors cost?

The cost of blade protectors range between $20 and $30 dollars. Some brands may offer blade protectors at a slightly lower or higher price point, however the majority of quality blade protectors tend to sit within this range.  

What are the benefits of using a blade protector?

There are several benefits to why ice hockey players should use a blade protector. Not only does it soften and protect the blade from damage which makes it last longer, but it also provides durability and flexibility. Blade protectors provide an ice-like feel that will allow the blades to not be damaged, feel lightweight, and give the players grip and control.