Ice Hockey Socks

Ice Hockey Socks

Hockey socks are an essential piece of equipment used in ice hockey. They look much different than regular socks and have some different uses. Hockey socks have been used for a long time and they have stayed relatively similar over the years. There is a lot to learn about the different types of ice hockey socks.

What are ice hockey socks used for?

Hockey socks are used to cover protective gear over the shin area of a hockey player. They cover the shin pad and stretch all the way from the ankle to above the knee. Contrary to typical socks, hockey socks do not cover the feet and are much thicker. They also help to keep the player warm in the cold hockey arenas. Hockey socks tend to fall down if not secured properly. Because of this, they are usually held up by either clips or velcro and reinforced with athletic tape.

Hockey socks are usually designed in accordance with the team uniforms. They usually feature the team colors and will follow a similar pattern to the jersey worn in that game.

Things To Consider

When looking for ice hockey socks, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of ice hockey sock do you want?
  • Do you lose socks often?
  • How much are you looking to spend on ice hockey socks?
  • What size of ice hockey sock do you need?


The two different types of ice hockey socks are knit and performance.


Ice Hockey Knit Socks

Knit socks are the more traditional style of hockey socks. While they look very similar to performance socks, they are usually made of cotton and other materials that more resemble a regular sock. These are usually cheaper but less durable than performance socks.


Ice Hockey Performance Socks

As the name would suggest, performance socks are designed with better performance aspects in mind. They can be lighter, more water resistant, and more durable than knit socks. They also often feature more secure strapping systems than knit socks in order to prevent them from falling down.


The most common materials found in hockey socks are cotton, polyester mesh, and velcro.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a material most commonly found in knit socks. In relation to more advanced materials, cotton can be pretty cheap and soft. It is usually more prone to shrinking, fraying, and is overall not very durable.
  • Polyester Mesh: Polyester mesh is most typically found in performance style socks. This material will typically last longer than cotton and has more performance benefits. It is also usually reinforced with some sort of elastic.
  • Velcro: Velcro is mainly found in performance socks. This material is usually used to attach to undershorts or other areas in order to prevent the socks from sliding down.


The most popular brands that produce hockey socks are Bauer, CCM, and K1.

  • Bauer: Bauer is one of the biggest hockey equipment and apparel brands. They make a few different ice hockey socks and mostly focus on knit style.
  • CCM: CCM is a brand that exclusively produces hockey equipment. They make both performance and knit style socks. Both styles are made out of polyester.
  • K1: K1 is an apparel company that specializes in a few different sports. They make a wide variety of hockey socks which have many different designs and customizable options.


When deciding which hockey socks to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


The lifespan of hockey socks can vary greatly based on a few different factors. Sometimes, they may only last a few games if they catch sticks or blades often and sometimes they can last a whole season. Polyester socks will typically last longer than cotton. It is recommended to get new socks if they start to rip or fray.


Hockey socks can usually be found for under $30. Performance socks will usually cost more while knit socks can often cost around $15. Buying specific colors or customizing your own design will likely make the price go up, however this is often an essential step to match the jersey.


Most hockey socks come in sizes junior, youth, intermediate, and senior. The lengths of these sizes typically range from 20" to 32" which represents the length from the ankle to the bottom of your undershorts or jock strap. Most companies will have their own sizing guide to match your specific measurements.

What are the best ice hockey socks?


What kind of socks do NHL players use?

NHL players wear both types of hockey socks. While knit socks are more traditional and preferred by some players, performance socks are becoming more common. A lot of NHL teams believe that performance socks can sometimes even prevent injuries, leading towards a shift in styles.

How much do ice hockey socks cost?

Most ice hockey socks will usually cost less than $30. As a general note, performance socks will likely cost more than knit since they have more advanced materials and technology. Customizing socks with certain colors will also likely add to that total.

What are the different kinds of ice hockey socks?

There are two different kinds of hockey socks. Knit socks are more traditional and are usually made out of light weight cotton. These socks are often less durable but cheaper. Performance socks are usually made from polyester and have better moisture-wicking properties as well as safety features.