Hockey Rules Reference

Ice Hockey Rules and Regulations

Ice hockey has evolved into a major sport with many rules and regulations. These rules range from the equipment and penalties to fines and suspensions. The rules of hockey may be different depending on the league. However, the core rules remain the same.

Rules and Regulations

Here are some of the most important rules in hockey:

OffsidesAn infraction where a skater enters the offensive zone prior to a skater on the same team with the puck entering the zone first.
IcingAn infraction where any skater hits the puck from one half of the ice to the otherside past the goal lines without any player on the opposing team touching it.
FaceoffsA method of putting the puck into play after the referee stops play at the start of each period, after a whistle is blown, or after a goal is scored.
FightingFighting is allowed in hockey and often encouraged. There are strict rules for what is allowed and who can participate.
PenaltiesThere are lots of penalties in hockey called minors, majors, and double minors. Guilty players are sent to the penalty box for certain durations of time.