Hockey Wings


Ice hockey is a 5-on-5 game (not including the goalies). Each team has six players on the ice, five skaters and one goalie.

Hockey Team

REMEMBER: The same five skaters on an ice hockey team play both offense and defense.

Each player has a unique role to fulfill on the ice in both offensive and defensive situations.

In this chapter, we will learn about the wings or forwards and their roles on the ice.

Meet The Wings (LW/RW) Or Forwards (LF/RF)

Also known as wingers, the wings are forwards who typically play along the wings of the ice rink. Wingers are primarily responsible for playing offense and creating offensive situations in the attacking zone. You'll typically find a wing playing in the slot.

Hockey Winger

Goals And Job

The wing's jobs on the ice will change depending on the position of the puck on the ice. However, a wing's core jobs are to:

Wing Strategy

The capable wing player accomplishes these goals by having strong puck handling, and skating skills.

He must create offensive situations that put himself and his teammates in strong shooting positions.

Types Of Wingers

There are two types of wingers in ice hockey:

Left Wing (LW)

Left wingers typically play along the left side of the rink. It also helps for a left wing to shoot left-handed, as it makes it easier to distribute the puck to the middle of the ice.

Right Wing (RW)

Right wingers have much of the same responsibilities of the left wingers, except they play primarily on the right side of the rink. As opposed to left wingers, it helps to have a right-handed shot when playing right wing.

Defensive Responsibilities of Wingers

When in the defensive zone, wingers are typically tasked with guarding the opposing team's defensemen, who typically position themselves along the blue line when in the attacking zone.

Key Statistics

There are few important statistics that define a good winger:

We'll learn more about ice hockey statistics in future tutorials.

Top NHL Wingers Of All Time

Here are some of the best wings to ever play in the NHL that you should know:

2017-18 NHL Wingers

Here are some wings in the NHL currently that you should know:

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