Hockey Teams

Ice Hockey Team

An ice hockey team in hockey is a collection of players, an owner, head coach, captain, alternate captain, and more. There are 20players on an NCAA and NHL team roster, two goalies and 18 skaters. Finally, ice hockey is a 5-on-5 game, so there are five skaters on the ice per team not including the goalie.

hockey teamWhat We'll Be Learning

First, we'll learn about home vs. away. Next, we'll learn about the ice hockey team player roster. You'll learn how many players are on an ice hockey team and how many dress for game day. Then, we'll learn about a player's equipment needed to play the game. Finally, we'll talk about the transition from offense to defense in ice hockey and end with a discussion of substitution rules.

Glossary Terms

At any point, you can go to our ice hockey glossary and look up any of the terms discussed in these chapters. Here are all the terms we will be covering related to ice hockey teams:

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