Hockey Misconduct Penalties

Ice Hockey Misconduct Penalty

Misconduct Penalties

A misconduct penalty is called on a player who performs an action that is not allowed in the game. It calls for the offending player to leave the ice for 10 minutes. A substitute player can come onto the ice to replace him. Goalkeepers will never serve time in the penalty box for a misconduct penalty, a substitute will take his spot in the box.

On a misconduct penalty, the offending team will not be short-handed and no power play will take place unless a minor penalty, major penalty, or match penalty also took place.

List of Misconduct Penalties

There are lots of penalties in ice hockey. A misconduct penalty ranks as one of the more severe penalties in the sport, especially since the consequences are so bad. Here is a list of misconduct penalties in ice hockey with examples:

  • Instigating a fight
  • Continuing a fight after it has ended
  • Verbally abusing an official
  • Using Profanity
  • Entering the referee's crease
  • Throwing equipment onto the ice

Goalkeeper Misconduct Penalty

If a goalie is called for a misconduct penalty, another player on the ice from his team must serve time in the penalty box.


What happens if a goal is made?

There is no power play on misconduct penalties. Only if a minor penalty, major penalty, or match penalty is also given will a power play take place.

If a goal is made on a power play, the penalty clock will immediately expire and a player may return to the ice. The offending team returns to full-strength.