Hockey Icing

What is icing?

Icing is a penalty in hockey that is called on a player who shoots, hits, or deflects the puck from his team's side of the ice to the goal line on the opposing team's side of the ice without it being touched by a player on the opposing team.

ice hockey icing

The red line is used to divide the ice into two equal halves. Icing is called if a player hits the puck from one side of the red line to the goal line on the other side of the ice, without the puck being touched by an opposing player.

ice hockey red line

How is icing determined?

A referee will use the spot on the ice where the player hit the puck to determine if icing should be called.

Does icing happen on power plays?

Yes, icing is called on power plays, but only for the team that is on the power play. However, icing is never called on the team that is down a player. When a team has fewer than five skaters it is called being short-handed.

ice hockey short handed

Where is the face-off location?

When icing is called on a team, a face-off is used to put the puck back into play. The face-off will occur in the offending team's defensive zone. The other team gets the choice as to which face-off circle to have the face-off in.

When is icing not called?



The puck is hit from one side of the red line to the goal line without a player on the other team touching it. However, his stick is touching the red line.

The player "gained the line" by touching his stick to the red line.

If a player on the opposing team can touch the puck while it is traveling to the goal line, but chooses not to touch it.

The other team could have played the puck but let it go to get icing called.

If the puck is deflected off multiple players including a player on the other team.

Rule 81.5 - The deflection hit the opposing team.

If the puck touches any part of a player or goalkeeper before crossing goal line

Rule 81.5 - Due to the goalkeeper rule.

When the team is shorthanded and they hit the puck to the goal line from their side of the ice.

Rule 81.6 - on a powerplay, the team that has fewer players can not be called for icing.

If a player on the opposing team touches the puck before it crosses the goal line.

A player on the other team touched the puck.

If a defensive player is capable of playing the puck but chooses not to.

Rule 81.5 - The player could have touched the puck.

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