Hockey Bench Minor Penalties

Ice Hockey Bench Minor Penalty

Bench Minors

A bench minor penalty is a minor penalty committed by a player or coach that is not on the ice. It is like a minor penalty in that it calls for the offending player to serve two minutes in the penalty box. There are a handful of rule violations that result in a bench minor penalty, including delay of game, illegal substitutions, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

The coach of the offending team will choose a player from the bench to serve the two-minute penalty. The offender’s team will be short-handed, or down a player, for two minutes. During this time, the other team is on a power play and has a better chance of scoring a goal. After the two minutes are up, the offending player can return to the ice to bring their team to full strength.

If a goal is scored while a bench minor penalty is being served, the penalty clock will end, and the player can immediately come back onto the ice.

List of Bench Minor Penalties

Here is a list of bench minor penalties in ice hockey:

Delayed Penalty Rule

If a bench minor penalty is called on a player and there are already two other players on his team serving penalties, the penalty clock will not start ticking until at least one of the other penalties has expired. A team cannot have fewer than four players on the ice (one goalie and three skaters).


What happens if a goal is scored during a bench minor penalty?

If a goal is made on a power play while a bench minor penalty is being served, the penalty clock will immediately expire, and the offending player may return to the ice. The offending team will return to full strength once a goal is scored or the penalty expires.

Can multiple players receive a penalty in hockey?

Yes, multiple players can receive a penalty at the same time in hockey. Sometimes calling penalties can be more complicated when multiple players on both teams are called for penalties at the same time. If penalties of the same magnitude are called, such as matching minors or majors, the penalties are called coincidental penalties. This means that both teams will be at even strength during the timed penalty even though they have players in the penalty box.

What are the types of penalties in ice hockey?