Ice Hockey Pants

Ice Hockey Pants

When picking out your ice hockey gear, choosing the right pair of pants is essential. The pants play a major role in protecting the player and allow them to perform well. Below we will cover the types of pants, materials, and brands one should know about alongside important considerations.

What are ice hockey pants used for?

Ice hockey pants are an essential piece of protective equipment. Due to the nature of the game, ice hockey can get very physical, and it is crucial to keep oneself protected. If a player falls or gets injured, the pants will bear most of the impact and protect the player. Ice hockey pants can help give players a good range of motion while also protecting their hips, thighs, tailbones, and kidney area. The ideal pair of pants should be comfortable and lightweight, while still protecting the player.

A top-quality pair of hockey pants can elevate a player’s performance as they will not need to worry about getting injured or their lack of mobility. Most hockey pants come in different fits depending on the player’s preference and style. The three main fits are traditional, slim/counter, and wide. Finding the right pair of pants will boost the player’s confidence, performance, and protection.

Things To Consider

When looking for hockey pants, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of hockey pants do you find most comfortable?
  • How much do you want to spend on hockey pants?
  • What size hockey pants do you need?
  • What areas do you want the most protection on the pants?


There are three main types of ice hockey pants including girdles, pants, and shells.


Ice Hockey Girdles

A girdle has tight fitting similar to compression shorts and has built-in padding. People who prefer girdles enjoy how it feels lighter on their body and gives them extra mobility. Some girdles also have a built-in cup. Over the years, girdles have increased in popularity as players have made the switch from traditional pants.


Traditional hockey pants have a loose fit with protective padding built into them. They are only tight fitting around the waist, and are sometimes held up by suspenders. People who prefer the traditional pants enjoy how they feel looser and less restricted. Traditionally, these are the pants players opt for.


Ice Hockey Shells

Hockey shells are shorts worn over girdles to cover them. Shells are made of lightweight nylon which allows players to enjoy movement and breathability. Shells can also be worn over normal hockey pants if a player wishes to change their uniform color without purchasing a new pair of pants. 


Ice hockey pants are made from a variety of materials which provide different benefits to the players.

  • Nylon: Nylon is a lightweight material, making it a comfortable fabric choice for players. Nylon has the benefits of being resilient, water-resistant, and highly elastic. It can also be cleaned easily.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a common synthetic material. This fabric holds color well, allowing players to choose from a wide range of colors for their pants. Polyester also has the benefits of being durable, abrasion-resistant, and mildew/mold resistant.


There are a variety of brands to choose from when purchasing ice hockey pants including Bauer, CCM, TRUE, and Warrior.

  • Bauer: Bauer offers a range of pants that are geared towards comfort. They sell numerous different models of traditional pants and girdles for junior, intermediate, and senior sizes. 
  • CCM: CCM focuses on providing the latest ice hockey apparel. They carry a vast collection of pants, including professional ice hockey pants and girdles that are available in youth, junior, and senior sizes.  
  • TRUE: True Temper Sports produces hockey, golf, lacrosse, and baseball equipment. They provide a collection of junior and senior hockey pants and girdles.


When purchasing ice hockey pants, some important considerations include durability, cost, and sizes.


A high-quality pair of hockey pants can last multiple years with proper care. The durability will depend on the material of the pants and how competitively the player plays. Usually, nylon offers players durability and comfort making it a promising choice. If a player performs in a highly competitive environment, it is likely they will have to replace their pants more due to the physical nature of the game. 


The cost of hockey pants depends on the type of pants and quality of the brand. Pants in youth and junior sizes usually cost less than senior sizes. Hockey shells can cost as low as $20. For girdles and traditional pants, you can expect to pay $40 and up. 


Hockey pants usually come in junior, intermediate, and senior sizes. The pants come with three main fits which include: traditional, slim/counter, and wide. When purchasing, you should try out all different fits and see which best suits your body and comfort needs.  


What are hockey pants used for?

Protection and ease of performance are the two key reasons to wear the right pair of hockey pants. Hockey pants are used to help protect players, by bearing the majority of the impact in case the player gets injured. They protect the player’s hips, thighs, tailbones, and kidney area while giving the players a range of motion. 

How much do hockey pants cost?

You can expect to pay at least $20 for shells and at least $40 for girdles and traditional pants. The price increases depending on the size of the pants and brand.

What are the different kinds of hockey pants?

The three different kinds of hockey pants are girdles, pants, and shells. Girdles provide a tight fit with built-in padding. Hockey shells are shorts made of lightweight nylon worn over girdles to cover them. Traditional hockey pants having a looser fit with protective padding built into them. Each type of pants provides ease of movement for players and it is ultimately up to their preferences on which pants they choose.