Hockey nhl teams list

NHL Teams List

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional hockey organization headquartered in New York City. The NHL was founded in 1917 and consisted of six teams, labeled the "original six". There have been several expansions, most notably in 1967 when six more teams joined the league raising the total to 12. Since then, the league has expanded to a total of 31 teams, five of which being located in Canada. The teams are separated in two different ways, by conferences and by divisions. There are two conferences, the east and the west. The eastern conference has 15 teams in it and the western conference has 16 teams in it. Within each conference are two separate divisions. The Eastern Conference has the Metropolitan and Atlantic Divisions, each with eight teams in it. The Western Conference has the Central Division (7 teams) and Pacific Division (8 teams).

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Division has the most combined Stanley Cups. That is because it has all of the top three Stanley Cup winners. The Candians lead the way with 24, followed by the Maple Leafs with 13, and the Red Wings with 11.

Metropolitan Division

The metropolitan division has no lack of rivalries in it. The Islanders, Rangers, and Devils all like to mix it up. The Flyers and Penguins have their own historic rivalry as well. Divisional games in the metro often times can turn ugly!

Western Conference

Central Division

Here is a complete list of the teams in the NHL Central Division:

Pacific Division

Here is a complete list of the teams in the NHL Pacific Division:

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