Who is Alex Oveckin in hockey?

Alex Oveckin

Alex Oveckin - Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism

An electrifying whirlwind of size, speed, strength and sheer skill, Alex Ovechkin, currently the left wing for the Washington Capitals, is widely regarded as one of the most powerful goal-scorers in modern hockey history.

To date, he has played an astounding total of 1003 NHL games since 2005 and has scored 1,122 points, with 102 game-winning goals and 22 overtime goals. Furthermore, on March 12, 2018, Ovechkin scored his 600th career goal, becoming the 20th player to ever reach this a feat, and the 4th scorer to do so in less than 1000 games.

Teams always have their top pairing out against [Ovechkin]," former Capitals teammate Michael Latta told The Washington Post. "Anytime you get that combination of scoring ability and physical presence, it's scary. He'll flatten you and a lot of the time give you a minus, too.

However, Ovechkin is perhaps most famous for the legendary goal he had scored during his very first NHL season - The Goal.

During a game played against the Phoenix Coyotes, Ovechkin, knocked down and skidding on his back facing away from the net, somehow managed to gain control of the puck - with only one hand on his stick - and scored backhanded.

It's no surprise that this moment has since become immortalized for the hockey history books.

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