Hockey nhl players

Hockey NHL Players

With the regular NHL season having drawn to a close and the Stanley Cup playoffs officially underway, it seems that there's only one thing all North American sports fans can talk about - hockey. Every year, no matter whether these fans are typically die-hard basketball lovers or crazy baseball stadium-goers, the spring months of April and May unfailingly transform them all into wild NHL devotees, with the hockey fever hysteria reaching its ultimate peak in early June.

For college students and aspiring student-athletes, however, there's always one question that's tugging in the back of their minds: Which universities did these NHL superstars go to? Granted, many of hockey history's greatest players were drafted into the NHL straight out of high school, but some, such as Alex Ovechkin and Jonathan Toews, opted instead to first attend college as student-athletes or as regular undergraduates for several years before embarking on their professional careers.

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