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Hockey Attacking Zone

ice hockey attacking zone

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Attacking Zone In Hockey

The attacking zone in hockey is one of three zones on the ice. This is the area on the ice from the blue line onward, where the team with possession of the hockey puck moves toward the puck, trying to score a goal in the opposing team's net. The attacking zone depends on who has possession, so when the team with the puck is in the attacking zone that same zone is called the defensive zone for the defending team. Within the attacking zone are two faceoff circles and the net of the team without possession. It is also known as the offensive zone since this is typically where the offensive action and scoring happen.


The puck must enter the attacking zone before the attacking player does in order to avoid an offsides penalty. Typically, teams that are able to spend a lot of time in the attacking zone are said to be controlling the game and have a good chance of scoring.

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