Ice Hockey Jock Straps

Ice Hockey Jock Strap

Jock straps are a piece of equipment used in many different sports including ice hockey. They are found on almost every hockey player and come in a few different varieties. You certainly would not want to play hockey without a jock strap.

What are ice hockey jock straps used for?

Jock straps are undergarments used to protect the groin area of a hockey player. These usually do not provide much protection alone and often require a plastic cup to be inserted into a pocket covering the groin. While jock straps are not talked about as much as other hockey equipment, it is just as important and protects one of the most sensitive areas of the body. They come in a few different types in order to accommodate different comfort levels for each player.

Most jock straps will also have velcro or hooks on the bottom in order to attach to hockey socks. Certain types can also be used as the player's underwear for a game. While jock straps are not necessarily required in all levels of hockey, it is much more common for an athlete to wear one than to not.

Things To Consider

When looking for a Jock Strap, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size jock strap do you need?
  • What position do you play?
  • How much do you want to spend on a jock strap?
  • What kind of jock strap do you find most comfortable?


The three different types of hockey jocks are jockstraps, jock shorts, and jock pants.


Jockstraps are the most traditional form of hockey jocks. They feature a thick waistband with a cup holder attached to it. It also will have two elastic bands to wrap around the thighs. This style of jock is the lightest, but also usually requires another undergarment to be worn over it.

Jock Shorts

Ice Hockey Jock Shorts

Jock shorts are a pair of compression shorts that have an insert for a cup to be placed. This style of jock serves three functions, as it holds the cup for protection, helps hold up hockey socks, and provides the benefits of compression shorts. It can also be used as the sole undergarment for a hockey player. Many people prefer this style due to its utility and more natural feel.

Jock Pants

Ice Hockey Jock Pants

Similar to jock shorts, jock pants are a type of compression pants that have a slot for a cup to be placed. This style of jock can also be used as a player's undergarment and is preferred by people who like compression pants over shorts.


The most common materials found in jocks are elastic, polyester, and plastic.

  • Elastic: Elastic is the material found in most jockstraps. Elastic used to make the waistbands and supportive straps found in jockstraps.
  • Polyester: Polyester is most commonly found in jock shorts and jock pants. Polyester is a synthetic material usually found in compression gear. It is lightweight, stretchy, and breathable.
  • Plastic: Plastic is what most jock cups are made out of. Hard plastic is molded to surround the groin while not allowing for any give, offering the most protection.


The most popular brands that produce hockey jocks are Shock Doctor, CCM, and Warrior.

  • Shock Doctor: Shock Doctor specializes in protective and performance equipment for many different sports. They have multiple different varieties of all three types of hockey jocks. They also sell individual cups.
  • CCM: CCM is one of the largest hockey equipment manufacturers. They make a few different types of jocks and even make jockstraps specifically designed for goalies.
  • Warrior: Warrior makes high quality equipment for both hockey and lacrosse. They make jock shorts and jock pants and a few jockstraps specifically for goalies.


When deciding which hockey jock to buy, always consider the durability, cost, and comfort.


Hockey jocks will typically last a long time. Similar to most other undergarments and compression clothes, if washed regularly and taken care of, jocks can last many years. Cups may need replacing every now and then as they can become ruined by moisture and sweat.


In terms of cost, jockstraps will usually be the cheapest type of hockey jock. Most jockstraps can be found for less than $30. Jock pants and shorts will usually be more expensive as they also feature compression technologies and can be worn alone. These types will typically cost anywhere from $30 to $80. Some jocks may come with a cup included while others may not. Buying a cup separately will add around $10-$20.


Jockstraps are usually less comfortable than jock shorts and pants. Since it has thin elastic bands that compress tightly, jockstraps may feel unnatural and somewhat constraining. Jock shorts and pants, however, usually feel similar to regular compression shorts which tend to feel more comfortable and natural.

What are the best ice hockey jock straps?


What are the benefits of using a jock strap in hockey?

Jock straps can have a few different benefits in ice hockey. Their main purpose is to be used to protect the vital groin region from any injuries that can be caused by contact. Jock shorts and pants, however, also provide the additional benefit the typical compression gear provides such as reduced muscle fatigue and injury prevention.

How much does a jock strap cost?

Jock straps vary greatly in price. Jockstraps are usually the cheap type and will cost anywhere from $10 to $30. Jock shorts and pants usually can be found for under $80. Buying a cup separately from a jock strap will usually add less than $20 to the total cost.

What are the different kinds of ice hockey jock straps?

There are three kinds of hockey jock straps. Jockstraps are elastic waistbands connected to a cup holder with a few supportive bands around the legs. Jock shorts are compression shorts that have a cup holder attached to them. Jock pants are similar to jock shorts except that they extend all the way to the ankle.