Hockey Visors

Hockey Visor

What Are Hockey Visors?

Hockey visors are clear shields that are attached to a player's helmet in order to protect the player's face. The visors are transparent and extremely lightweight, allowing the player to function free of additional weight or impaired vision. With hockey posing many chances for a potential face injury, visors have grown in popularity in recent years and nearly every player uses one.

Why Wear Hockey Visors?

Hockey players are no strangers to facial injuries. Whether it be a flying puck or the end of a stick, players are constantly at risk of losing teeth or suffering severe cuts/bruises. Visors are designed to prevent serious harm, built with shatterproof plastic that protects the eyes and the nose. While professional hockey players are not required to wear a visor, many choose to in order to avoid head and facial injuries ranging from concussions to broken bones.

Visors are widely preferred to an alternative piece of facial protection known as a "cage." Whereas cages cover the entire face and are often difficult to see out of, visors are much more practical due to their versatility and easy attachment capabilities.

Purchasing Hockey Visors

Hockey visors can be bought in-person at a number of sporting goods stores and retailers, as well as online at nearly any virtual store that sells hockey products.

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