Hockey Uniforms

What are Hockey Uniforms?

Hockey uniforms are the culmination of a hockey player's equipment. A player's uniform consists of a jersey and hockey socks. If every player on a team has the same type and color of pants, helmet, gloves, or other padding, that can also be considered part of the uniform.

Hockey players must wear uniforms so that the players can discern who is on their team and who is an opponent.

Teams have a designated uniform that all players must wear. A big part of a uniform is the team colors. Players and fans often take pride in their team colors. Fans often wear their team's jerseys to games to support their team. If they don't have a jersey, they can likely be seen sporting the team colors. This can mean wearing a sweatshirt of the matching color, or even wearing face paint.

The most important part of a uniform is the team logo, which is found on the chest of the jersey. It is also typically on the shoulders of a jersey, and the helmet of the players.

Notable Hockey Uniforms

The Original Six hockey teams' uniforms are the most famous. These teams' uniforms have not deviated much overtime, staying true to the franchises' tradition. The Original Six teams include:

In 2017, Adidas redesigned all 31 NHL uniforms. This was the first time a company was allowed to take full control over the looks of the NHL. The change spurred mixed reviews, with some calling for the old uniforms back. Over time, the community has accepted the new looks. The Original Six teams' uniforms saw no drastic changes.

Purchasing Hockey Uniforms

Fans of an NHL team can buy the hockey uniforms of their team. Fans typically buy jerseys. If you're looking to buy uniforms for your own team, there are many websites where you can customize and order your team jerseys. Prices vary, but uniforms cost between $20-$200 per uniform. Costs of uniforms are often included in team dues for players.

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