Hockey Stick Handling Balls

Hockey Stick Handling Ball

What are Hockey Stick Handling Balls?

Hockey stick handling balls are a type of hockey training equipment. These special balls are similar to typical street hockey balls, which are often orange. However, stick handling balls are specially modeled to be helpful to a hockey player. The ball is designed to resemble a puck, though its spherical shape allows players to stick handle more quickly and with more control.

Players stick handle these balls with their hockey sticks, much like they do with a puck in a game.

Many players keep stick handling balls in their hockey bag to warm-up before a game in the rink. Others will use them to practice stick handling in free time or during practices. Using the stick handling ball helps build hand-eye-coordination and muscle memory, which will help with deking in games.

Stick handling balls can also be shot to practice one's shooting, and could even be used as a ball for a game of street hockey or floor hockey.

Purchasing Hockey Stick Handling Balls

Hockey stick handlings balls typically cost $10-$20.

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