Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick

What are Hockey Sticks?

Hockey sticks are part of a hockey player's equipment. The stick is the long, thin piece of equipment that skaters hold in their hands. The stick consists of the toe, the blade, the heel, the shaft, and the butt. Players use sticks to pass, shoot, and control the puck.

There are several penalties associated with the misuse of sticks, including slashing, tripping, high-sticking, and hooking.

The blade of the stick is typically covered with stick tape. This allows the puck to glide off the stick more smoothly, and protects the stick.

Lefties and righties will have different kinds of sticks. For a righty, the blade of the stick curves to the left. For a lefty, the blade of the stick curves to the right. This allows the player to use their dominant arm for power when shooting. There are many different types of blades with different curvatures.

Skaters and goalies have different kinds of sticks. Goalies use special goalie sticks.

Hockey sticks can be made from multiple different materials. Originally, hockey sticks were made from wood. Now, sticks are mostly made from fiberglass, aluminum, and other more pricey materials.

There are many brands of hockey sticks, including Bauer, Vapor, CCM, Reebok, and STX. Players in the NHL often sponsor the type of stick that they use.

Purchasing Hockey Sticks

The price of hockey sticks is incredibly variable: sticks can cost anywhere between $15-$2000. However, the majority of sticks are in the range of $100-$250.

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