Hockey Stick Protectors

What are Hockey Stick Protectors?

Hockey stick protectors are a piece of equipment that you can attach to a hockey stick in order to make the stick usable on surfaces besides ice. Without the protector, the stick could easily be damaged if played on hardwood or concrete. Protectors allow you to take a hockey game anywhere without risks of cracking or breaking the stick. Not only will this save your stick, but also any floor you are playing on.

Protectors are made of plastic that are specially formed to be placed under and around the base of the hockey stick. The protector is virtually weightless, only weighing a few grams, making it an essential item for players to purchase. The protector won't inhibit a player's ability to pass or shoot, and are extremely durable and flexible to fit over all sizes of sticks.

Purchasing Stick Protectors

Hockey stick protectors can be purchased from sporting goods stores and online. Since the sizes are usually universal, they can easily stretch and fit any size stick. For more information on hockey accessories that a player could use, check out our page on Hockey Kits and Hockey Accessories.

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