Hockey Socks

hockey socks

What are Hockey Socks?

Hockey socks are a piece of uniform that is a part of the hockey uniform kit. The socks are knee length and typically given to a team member with their jersey. They are made of cotton material and usually have stripes on them, depending on the team's colors! They range in color and serve more of a purpose than just being a traditional sock.

One of the socks' main purpose is to cover and secure the player's shin gear. In fact, hockey socks only cover the player's ankle all the way up to their shin. The sock isn't covering the foot! Since the socks are form-fitting over the leg, they are able to hold the protective gear. Shin tapes can also help to keep the shin pad in place. These socks are typically held up by velcro straps that run up the leg and are attached to a player's undershorts.

Hockey Skate Socks

Hockey skate socks are a bit different and serve a different function. Hockey skate socks are what you would picture when you think of socks. It's a thin sock that covers the player's foot and is worn underneath of the skate.

Hockey socks or hockey skate socks can be purchased online or in a sporting goods store that sells hockey equipment. Most teams give them out as part of the uniform kit. To learn more about hockey equipment, be sure to read about the Ice Hockey Kit.

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