Hockey Slide Boards

What are Hockey Slide Boards?

Hockey slide boards are pieces of equipment that are used to train hockey players. This type of training equipment is used to build leg muscles and practice the repetitive motion that hockey players employ throughout practices and games.

A slide board is a rectangular board that is sleek and mimics the ice. It is the same slickness and "feel" that hockey players are used to on the ice. However, players do not wear skates on the board; they wear slip over socks on top of sneakers. (Imagine a kid putting on socks and sliding across a hardwood floor- that's the feeling players experience on the hockey boards, except this is a training exercise!)

Using the Board

Hockey slide boards can be placed on any flat, hard surface, and are ideal when a player cannot get access to the ice. Slide boards vary in size depending on the league level of the individual.

There are two rubber wedges on each side of the board that help the player push off and keep them from sliding off of the board on to the ground. Players use the board by pushing their feet out to the respective sides. They use their right foot to push out to the right side of the board, then using their left foot to push to the left side of the board. This mimics the ice skating motion if repeated.

Slide boards can be used to enhance skating form, or for muscular strength training at home. Since slide boards are a bit larger, many players opt to order them online from sporting goods stores. They are a fun way to promote at-home training and correct any formation issues before the player hits the ice.

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