Hockey Skates Fenders

What are Hockey Skates Fenders?

Hockey skate fenders are a piece of equipment that is worn over top of a player's hockey skates. It is composed of strong polycarbonate protective layer that is typically clear in color. Therefore, it's almost invisible to the eye.

Skate fenders help to protect the skate from a number of things- like hockey sticks, pucks, other players' blades, or even dirt. It also keeps the laces in place throughout the game. The fenders are connected to the skate by a strap around the back and under the skate, which locks the fender in place.

Fenders are also known for reducing player injuries as well. The extra layer of protection helps alleviate some of the pain that comes with impact injuries. Fenders are convenient and easy to take on and off, and are beneficial for players on and off of the ice.

Skate fenders can be purchased from sporting goods stores or online. They typically come in a small, medium, or large size, so players compare their shoe size to what the store recommends. The fender should not feel uncomfortable or constricting on the skate- it should feel like the player is not wearing it.

Although it seems like a small detail to add to a player's uniform kit, it can be a life saver (or foot saver!) when it comes to injuries by other players, skates, pucks, or sticks.

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