Hockey Skate Wraps

What are Hockey Skate Wraps?

Hockey skate wraps are protective items that players can get for their hockey skates. They can be molded to a players entire skate or just the toe or heel. Their intent is to keep the player's skates in great condition and also to protect the heel and toes from injuries.

Skate wraps serve as protectors to the heel and toe, and they are placed onto the heel or toe in addition to an entire skate guard. They are made of lexan, which is a material that is hard and protective. It decreases the chance of injuries from deflected pucks or shots to the foot.

Skate wraps are often called skate guards, which is another type of protective item that covers the entire skate. This helps prevent opponents cutting each other's skates upon collision, and helps prevent any injury to the foot. Although the skate is thick and sturdy, a puck to the foot could cause serious pain and injuries.

Purchasing Skate Wraps

Skate wraps can be purchased from any retailer that sells hockey equipment. Since many types of wraps are universal in size, they can also be purchased online. To learn more about protective equipment in hockey, keep reading.

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