Hockey Shin Tapes

What are Hockey Shin Tapes?

Hockey shin tape is a tape that is helped to secure hockey players' shin pads in place. It is typically transparent in color and the same width as regular tape.

Shin tape, also called sock tape, is used over top of the player's socks. Since the player's shin pad extends up the entire leg to the knee, it can get uncomfortable if it's moving and shifting around during a practice or game. The tape is very strong and secures the shin pad in place.

Using the Tape

Place the tape just below the knee cap pad (at the top of the shin pad itself) so it goes entirely around the player's leg twice. Without cutting or ripping the tape, move the tape down about 6 inches to the bottom of the shin pad, and circle it around again two times before ripping it. The tape should "border" the top and bottom of the shin pad.

The tape should never feel too restricting or cause any discomfort or pain in your leg. If it does, remove the tape and try reapplying with a different amount of pressure.

PRO TIP: Make yourself a tab with the end of the tape so when you're ready to remove it, you don't have trouble peeling it off of your sock!

Players can buy shin tape from any sporting goods store or online. Since the tape itself is universal, it can be purchased from virtually anywhere, including drugstores.

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