Hockey Shin Pads

What are Hockey Shin Pads?

Hockey shin pads are a part of a hockey player's equipment. Skaters wear shin pads on their lower legs, and they protect their shins and knees. Hockey shin pads are important for blocking shots, absorbing slashes, and protecting bones if a player falls down on the ice.

Shin pads are worn under the hockey socks of a skater, and are typically the second piece of equipment put on, following only jockstraps.

Hockey shin pads are typically made out of plastic on the outside, and foam on the inside to cushion the knee and shin.

Purchasing Hockey Shin Pads

There are many brands of hockey shin pads including Bauer, Vapor, Warrior, Reebok, and Under Armor.

There are three categories of hockey shin pads: junior, intermediate, and senior. Junior level shin guards cost between $30-$100, and are suitable for players up until 12 years of age. Intermediate level shin guards cost around $40-$120 and are recommended for players from 12-14 years of age. Senior level shin pads typically cost $60-$200 and are made for players aged 14 and above.

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