Hockey Rink


So, you've chosen to learn the sport of Ice Hockey. Great choice!

The Rink

Let's begin by looking at the playing surface. Below is a picture of the ice hockey rink. Don't be intimidated by this picture. We'll walk you through every piece of it step by step.

Hockey Rink

What We'll Be Learning

First, we'll learn about the lines on the rink. There are three types of lines you'll learn about:

Next, we'll cover the dimensions of the rink.

Then we'll learn about the major components of an ice hockey rink like center ice, face-off circles, face-off spots, goalie crease, goalie trapezoid, and goal cages. After, we'll learn about important locations on the ice like the slot, the point, and the three zones.

Finally, we'll end with a brief discussion of rink maintenance and zambonis.

Glossary Terms

At any point, you can go to our ice hockey glossary and look up any of the terms discussed in these chapters. Here are all the terms we'll be covering related to the ice hockey rink:

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