Hockey Practice Jerseys

What are Hockey Practice Jerseys?

Hockey practice jerseys are a special type of hockey equipment. Players wear jerseys over their pads when they play hockey, and practice jerseys are uniforms that players wear only for practice.

Practice jerseys are typically blank, colored jerseys. They may also have a team's logo or the player's number on them.

There are a few advantages to having designated practice jerseys. First, game jerseys can get dirty or damaged during practice if used. Also, many teams are very superstitious about their game jerseys, and do not want to wear them during practice. Additionally, practice jerseys can be different colors, which allows the coach to separate players by lines for certain drills. With different colors, coaches can also split the players into two teams for a scrimmage.

On most teams, different color practice jerseys represent a different forward line. The color which represents the first line is often highly symbolic, and carries a lot of pride in the locker room.

Purchasing Hockey Practice Jerseys

Hockey practice jerseys can be bought at most hockey equipment stores. Hockey practice jerseys can cost as much as $20 per jersey, but also can be bought in bulk for just a few dollars per jersey.

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