Hockey Laces

Hockey Laces

What are Hockey Laces?

Hockey laces are very similar to regular shoe laces. They are woven through links on hockey skates in order to hold the foot tightly in the shoe. There are two main types of laces: waxed and unwaxed. Both are widely sold and allowed by all leagues. It is up to player preference on which laces they want to wear.

Waxed Laces

Waxed laces are easier to weave in and out of links. They will also stay tight longer because they have more of a grip. You'll also be able to tighten specific parts of your shoe if you prefer. They are more resistant to breakage, stretching and fraying. The wax also makes them waterproof!

The only downside to waxed laces is when it comes down to removing the skate. Since the laces have a strong grip, untying the laces and removing the shoe can take more time than putting it on.

Unwaxed Laces

Unwaxed laces are thicker and easy to control. They are softer and do not leave any residue on your hands or skates.

There are a few downsides to unwaxed laces.They can get loose over time and can absorb sweat or water, making them fray and lose their thickness. They take more time to weave through the skate due to the lack of fused tips. It might also be hard to get a good grip on the laces and maintain a tight skate with unwaxed laces.

There are pros and cons of both types of laces, so there is no definite answer to what type of laces will work for you. They are available online and in sporting goods stores for purchase. The best way to find what works for you is to try out both!

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