Hockey Helmet Cages

What are Hockey Helmet Cages?

A hockey helmet cage is the piece of equipment that connects to a player's helmet protecting their face. Cages can also be called helmet face masks, as their main purpose is to provide extra protection to the player's head.

Like many other sport slike softball and baseball, the helmets can come with or without a face mask or cage. Helmets are supposed to protect the head from collision- either with another player, a ball, a skate, or a puck. The helmet cage protects the face from these injuries, too.

Helmet cages often come separately and have to be attached appropriately to the helmet. You can purchase a cage online or in stores, and even get them installed to your helmet properly. Be sure when you attach the cage you can see clearly through the cage. Although it may take some time for your vision to adapt, players should not have their performances inhibited by the cages. If it is, consider readjusting your helmet safely or trying a different style cage.

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