Hockey goalie sticks

What are hockey goalie sticks?

Hockey Goalie Stick

Hockey goalie sticks are part of a hockey goalie's equipment. Much like a skater's stick, the goalie stick is a long piece of equipment made of wood, metal, or fiberglass.

The primary use of goalie sticks is to make saves. Shots along the ice are typically either stopped by a goalie's leg pads or with their stick. By using their stick to make the save, the goalie will have more control over where the puck goes. Changing the angle of the stick helps the goalie direct the rebound to the corner, or even make the puck stop in front of them.

Goalie sticks used to only be made out of wood. However, sticks made out of wood are quite heavy, and take more time and effort to move. Using a light, fiberglass stick allows the goalie to make quicker movements.

Purchasing hockey goalie sticks

The different brands of hockey goalie sticks include Warrior, CCM, Reebok, Bauer, and Sherwood. Senior level goalie sticks can range in price from $100-$800. Most senior goalie sticks are on the lower end of the range. Junior and intermediate level sticks typically cost between $40-$350.

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