Hockey goalie skates

What are hockey goalie skates?

Hockey Goalie Skates

Hockey goalie skates are part of a goalie's equipment. Both skaters and goalies wear skates, but there are different kinds for these different types of hockey players.

The blades of goalie skates are flatter than those of skater skates, which allows goalies to move laterally more effectively. This is important, as goalies must move side to side quickly to set up to make a save.

Goalie skates have less protection in the back, but more protection all around the foot. This allows the goaltender more mobility without leaving the foot vulnerable to pucks that are shot on goal.

If someone is trying out the position of goalie to see if they like it, they do not need to get goalie skates. However, if they are committed to playing the position, it is important to buy a pair. Goalies that use regular skates are at a big disadvantage.

Purchasing Goalie Skates

Hockey goalie skates come in different brands, including Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Vapor, and Warrior. Senior hockey goalie skates cost between $120-$800, whereas junior and intermediate goalie skates cost approximately $100-$600.

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