Hockey goalie pads

What are hockey goalie pads?

Hockey goalie pads are a part of a goalie's equipment. These pads are the biggest piece of player equipment in all of hockey, and have a big role in the game.

Goalie pads protect a goalie's legs from the thigh down to the toe. However, even more important than protection is the stopping ability of these pads. The majority of shots are stopped by the leg pads. Goalies are responsible for controlling the rebounds of shots, and pucks will bounce hard off of the leg pads.

Finding the right goalie pads is a challenging task for any goalie, but it is important that he finds ones which feel comfortable. It is crucial for goalies to be confident in their equipment. Many stores will allow goalies to try on pads before they buy them.

Many NHL goalies have personalized their goalie pads or sponsored a specific brand. Carey Price, perhaps the most famous hockey goalie, has a strong allegiance to CCM pads which has helped the company greatly.

Purchasing goalie pads

There are many different brands of goalie pads, such as Reebok, Warrior, Brians, CCM, and Bauer. Goalie pads are the most expensive equipment in all of hockey. Senior goalie pads typically cost $500-$2000. Junior and Intermediate level goalie pads usually cost around $300-$1000.

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