Hockey Goalie Neck Protectors

What are Hockey Goalie Neck Protectors?

Hockey goalie neck protectors are a part of a goalie's equipment. Neck protectors are a required piece of equipment at most levels that protect the goalie from shots around the throat and collarbone.

Goalie neck protectors come in two different forms, shields and bibs. Shields are clear plastic guards that are tied onto a goalie's helmet. Bibs are special padding that a goalie straps around their necks under their chest protectors.

Different goalies have different preferences between bibs and shields and have many pros and cons to consider.

Benefits of Shield

Benefits of Bib

More protective power

Doesn't restrict vision at all

Can not interfere with chest protector

Doesn't hinder head movements

Usually less expensive

Can't fall off during game

Better throat coverage

More coverage of collarbone and chest

Goalies also do not have to choose just one type of goalie neck protector. Many goalies use both a bib and a shield. At the end of the day, the goalie's comfort and preference are the most important factors.

Purchasing Goalie Neck Protectors

Goalie neck protectors can be bought at most hockey goalie equipment stores. Different types of hockey goalie neck protectors cost different amounts. Shields typically cost about $30-$50. Bibs typically cost $40-$60, but can cost as much as $100 if they cover the chest area too.

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