Hockey Goalie Masks

What are Hockey Goalie Masks?

Hockey goalie masks are a piece of equipment that protects the head and neck of a goaltender.

Early goalie masks were made of fiberglass and sat on the face of the goaltender, offering little protection from fast-moving hockey pucks. The masks eventually evolved to a standard hockey helmet with a cage over the front. In today's modern game, the masks are nearly all completely made of a fiberglass shell with a cage in the middle to see out of. These newer masks are much safer than the previous two types of masks used, cutting down on the amount of injuries that goalies receive.

Goalies also like to decorate the masks as a way to express themselves. This has become common practice for masks. Goalie masks can be found online or in retail stores and are made by a variety of hockey equipment companies. Although not required in professional hockey, many goalies also have a plastic throat protector tied onto their mask to increase protection of the neck area.

Hockey Goalie Mask

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