Hockey goalie helmets

What are Hockey Goalie Helmets?

Hockey goalie helmets are a part of a hockey goalie's equipment. The goalie helmet protects a goalie's head from pucks, sticks, and collisions with the ice or goal posts. Hockey goalie helmets are typically made out of vinyl, which is a great material for absorbing shock.

Goalie helmets have two main parts: the mask and the cage. The mask is the part of the helmet that protects the sides of the head, top of the head, and chin area. The cage is the part of the helmet which protects the face, and has holes in it so the goalie can see the game.

Goalies also attach goalie neck protectors to their helmets to shield their neck and collarbone.

Goalies face shots as fast as 100 miles per hour. Without a proper helmet, goalies are extremely vulnerable to concussions.

Many professional goalies customize their helmets with artwork on their mask. This is a way hockey goalies can grow their brand.

Purchasing Hockey Goalie Helmets

There are different brands of goalie helmets, including Bauer, CCM, Reebok, and Warrior. Senior level goalie helmets typically cost around $200-$600. Junior and intermediate level helmets usually cost around $50-$250. Goalie helmets can be found in almost any hockey equipment store.

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