Hockey goalie chest protectors

What are hockey goalie chest protectors?

The hockey goalie chest protector is a part of a goalie's equipment. This piece of equipment protects a goalie's chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, and the sides of the torso. The chest protector is the second biggest part of a goalie's equipment, with the leg pads being the biggest.

The purpose of the chest protector is mostly to provide much needed padding. However, goalies also use chest protectors to make saves with their stomach and chest. The most common kind of save involving the chest protector is a smother save. This is a save where the puck is shot at the goalie's stomach, and the goalie closes his arms on the puck after it hits his stomach. This type of save is good for creating a stoppage in play.

There are different brands of chest protectors. The most popular brands are Warrior, CCM, Reebok, Vaugn, Bauer, and Brians.

Chest protectors can be found at most stores which sell goalie equipment. Goalie Monkey is a store which specializes in hockey goalie equipment, and is a great choice. Other good places to shop are Pure Hockey, Play it Again Sports, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Chest protectors are one of the most expensive pieces of goalie equipment. At the Senior level, chest protectors run from about $200-$800. At the junior and intermediate levels, chest protectors cost about $70-$400.

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