Hockey goalie catch gloves

What are Hockey Goalie Catch Gloves?

Hockey goalie catch gloves are an important part of a hockey goalie's equipment. Catch gloves have many functions. Most often, they are used to catch shots that come near the goalie's catching hand. Goalies will attempt to hold onto the puck after catching it, so they can tie up the puck, creating a stoppage in play. Goalies may also use catch gloves to cover a loose puck, another way to create a stoppage in play.

There are many different hockey equipment companies which manufacture catch gloves. Vaughn is an equipment company that specializes in blockers and catch gloves, and is a great option. A few other popular companies are Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Brians, and Warrior.

For Senior level equipment, gloves are typically priced around $100-$600. At the junior and intermediate levels, gloves can be as low as $50, and go up to about $300.

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