Hockey Goalie Blockers

What are Hockey Goalie Blockers?

Hockey goalie blockers are a part of a goaltender's equipment. Goalies have one blocker, along with one catch glove. Most goalies wear a blocker on their right hand, but some goalies, typically those who are left-handed, wear it on their left hand. They hold the stick with whichever hand a goalie puts the blocker on.

Blockers are used to make saves if the puck is shot near the goalie's blocker hand. Goalies often angle their blockers in a way which allows them to control the rebound. Ideally, goalies direct the rebound towards the corner of the rink so the other team can't get a good rebound chance.

There are many different brands of goalie blockers. Vaughn is known for making great catching gloves and blockers. The other most popular brands are CCM, Bauer, Reebok, Brians, and Warrior.

If you are shopping for a goalie blocker, you have many options for where to buy one. Goalie Monkey specializes in hockey goalie equipment, and they have a store and a website. Pure Hockey, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Play it Again Sports are other good options.

Hockey goalie blockers are typically cheaper than their counterparts, goalie catch gloves. This is because they are less intricate, and carry out a more straightforward task. Senior level blockers typically cost $100-$400. Junior and intermediate blockers cost around $50-$250.

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