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Hockey Blocker

ice hockey goalie blocker

In ice hockey, a hockey blocker is a piece of protective equipment worn by goalies. The blocker is a rectangular piece of protective equipment made of mostly foam. The blocker has a slot where the goalie's hand goes in and the blocker is worn on the goalie's hand.

The goalie wears their blocker on their dominant hand and they wear their glove on their non-dominant hand. In ice hockey, goalies also hold their stick with their dominant hand. The blocker provides protection for the goalie in a number of ways. The blocker protects the goalie's hand, fingers, forearms and part of their ribs.

The blocker has 7 main parts that include the blocker board, the side-hand protection, the blocking rib, the glove that the hand slips into, the finger protection, the cuff and the adjustable strap. Blockers are an extremely important piece of equipment as they not only provide protection for goalies, but also are used to keep the puck out.