Ice Hockey Rink

In this chapter, we welcome you to the sport of ice hockey and introduce you to the ice hockey rink where the game is played.


We've learned in past chapters about the basics of defense, including what defense is and when it is played.

In this tutorial, we will talk about a particular defensive strategy that can be employed against the team on offense.

The Box And One Strategy

This is called the box-and-one strategy.

The idea is that two opposing players will shadow the offensive team's best player or shooter to prevent him or her from making an impact on the game. The two defenders on the offensive player will follow him or her wherever they go on the court. They will stick to them like glue.

Goals Of Box And One Defense

The goal of the opposing defense is to prevent the offensive team from scoring as many buckets as they can. With this strategy, it is one of the best ways for the defense to try to stop the offensive team's best player, who could be on fire during the contest.

Lastly, when this defensive strategy is implemented, the defense puts their two best lockdown defenders on the offense's best player.

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