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Hockey Skating

Skating is how ice hockey players move on the ice. Get ready to learn the rules of skating in ice hockey.


When a player first gets possession of the puck, he has a couple of things he can do with it that can be threatening to opposing team. A player can:

  1. Skate With The Puck
  2. Pass The Puck
  3. Shoot The Puck

In this chapter, we will learn about skating in ice hockey, its rules, and basic strategies.

Skating With The Puck

The primary way of moving on the ice is by skating. Every hockey player is adept at skating at high speeds. They learn to control their movement and momentum on the ice to maximize efficiency. Players use a hockey stick to control the puck and move with it while skating on the ice.

Hockey Skating

Rules Of Skating

The rules of skating in ice hockey are as follows...

A player CAN:

A player CAN NOT:

  • interfere with another player who does not have possession of the puck by restraining them with his body, hand, or stick. Instead, he must skate to establish position on the ice.

A Player MUST:

  • be considered an eligible skater. There cannot be more than five skaters on the ice per team.

Goals Of Skating With The Puck

So why is skating an effective means of puck movement in ice hockey? Here are the reasons why players should skate with the puck:

  • to maintain control of the puck
  • to move the puck into the attacking zone
  • to create openings for players to take shots

Skating Strategies

Skating helps a team find weaknesses in the opposing team's line. By skating effectively, a team can find an opening for a shot to be taken.

The Hockey Stick

When ice hockey players skate with the puck you will see them utilize both sides of the hockey stick to control its placement on the ice. Using both sides of the hockey stick also confuses opposing players since they are unsure of which direction you are heading.


Sudden movements or bursts of energy are a great tactic to confuse opposing players. Skaters with possession of the puck will pretend to move in one direction and then go the opposite direction.

Spin Moves

Spin moves are a powerful tactic that skaters utilize on the ice. By performing a spin, players confuse opposing players and keep the puck out of reach. Spin moves, if performed correctly, can also put the skater in a strong offensive position.

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