Ice Hockey Shooting

Chapter 5.4

How do teams score goals in ice hockey? Well, they shoot the puck into the opposing team's net, which is guarded by a goaltender. Get ready to learn about shooting in ice hockey.


When a player first gets possession of the puck, he has a couple of things he can do with it that can be threatening to opposing team. A player can:

  1. Skate With The Puck
  2. Pass The Puck
  3. Shoot The Puck

In this chapter, we will learn about shooting in ice hockey, its rules, and basic strategies.

Shooting The Puck

Shooting the puck is a motion a player takes to push the puck with his hockey stick into the air or along the ice towards the opposing team's goal cage in hopes of having it go in the net. If the puck crosses the goal line of the goal cage, or into the net, a team earns a goal.

Rookie Road Ice Hockey Shooting Image

Left-Handed VS. Right-Handed Shooters

A shooter can be predominately a left-handed or right-handed shooter. Left-handed shooters usually play along the left side of the ice, while right-handed shooters play along the right side of the ice. This gives them an advantage of creating better angles for shooting on the opposing team's net.

Rules Of Shooting

The rules of shooting in ice hockey are as follows...

A player CAN:

PRO TIP: A goal counts if a player shoots the puck and it ricochets off of another player or object and into the net. However, it doesn't count if it ricochets off a referee.

A player CAN NOT:

A Player MUST:

Goals Of Shooting

The goal of shooting the puck in ice hockey is simple: to get the puck into the net or past the goal line between the goal posts.

Shooting Strategies

A player should look to shoot the puck when he is not being guarded by an opposing player. It is easier to shoot the puck when there is an opening on the ice.

We will learn more about shot types in ice hockey in the next chapter.

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