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Hockey Possession

What does it mean to have control of the puck in ice hockey? Get ready to learn more about possession.


There are three primary ways that players can move the puck in ice hockey:

  1. skating
  2. passing
  3. shooting

However, a player must first have possession of the puck to do so. In this chapter, we will learn what it means to have possession.


Having possession of the puck is a powerful thing in ice hockey. When a team controls the puck they are on offense. A possession is the period of time in which a team has control of the puck.

When a team has possession of the puck, there are numerous tactics that can be applied to score goals.

Hockey Possession

REMEMBER: When on offense, a team is trying to score goals. The team with the highest number of goals at the end of the game is the winner.


Teams will constantly trade ownership or possession of the puck throughout a game. This results in a team transitioning from offense to defense and vice versa. While on a defense, a team cannot move the puck. They must simply react to what offensive players do and try to regain possession of the puck.

We'll learn about the ways the defense can get possession of the puck in future chapters.


Teams can get possession of the puck through turnovers or by stealing the puck. We'll learn all about turnovers in future chapters.

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