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Hockey Player Equipment

Ice hockey is a high-contact sport. It requires lots of equipment and protection to prevent injury. Get ready to learn more about the player equipment required to play the game.


Ice hockey requires a lot of player equipment to protect players from injury. It also requires a playing surface made of ice, which may be hard to find depending on where you're located.

In this tutorial, we will learn about the equipment required to play the sport of ice hockey.

Player Equipment

According to the rules of the game, players must be equipped with the following:

Game Equipment

Two goal cages, one for each team positioned at opposite ends of the ice, and a hockey puck are required to play the game.

Goal Cage

The goal cage is a metal frame that is attached to the ice via pegs. It is made of two goal posts and a single crossbar. It also consists of a net.

Hockey Goal Cage

Hockey Puck

The hockey puck is the 'game ball' in ice hockey. It's the only way a team can score points. It's usually made entirely of rubber.

Hockey Hockey Puck

Hockey Sticks

Hockey sticks must be a certain size. The team captain can request a stick measurement be made if he feels that the opposing team is cheating. In the NHL, a player is fined for exceeding the dimensions of a hockey stick as prescribed in the rulebook.

Broken Sticks

It is not uncommon for hockey sticks to break during a game. If a stick breaks, a player must drop it onto the ice if he wishes to continue playing. He is allowed to get another stick from the player benches.

Playing Surface

The game of ice hockey must be played on a playing-surface made of ice.

Hockey The Ice

However, many variations of hockey have developed to be played on a variety of surfaces such as street hockey played on asphalt.

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