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Hockey Intermission

ice hockey regulation periods

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Intermissions in Hockey

An intermission is a brief break of play between periods. There are between two and four intermissions in a hockey game.

The first intermission takes place between the 1st period and 2nd period.

The second intermission takes place between the second and third period.

The third intermission takes place before overtime periods, if the score is tied at the end of regulation. The intermission before overtime only lasts one minute in the NHL.

The fourth intermission takes place before the shootout if the score is tied at the end of overtime.

Intermissions last 18 minutes in the NHL and time is recorded by the game timekeeper and presented to fans on the scoreboard.

During intermission, players leave the ice through an opening in the boards to the locker rooms. Intermissions allow players to regroup and make adjustments to their game plan prior to the next period. During this time, the zamboni will also come onto the ice to perform necessary maintenance.


How many intermissions are there in a hockey game?

There are two intermissions in a hockey game. The first intermission is between the first period and second period. The second intermission is between the second and third periods.

How long are intermissions in hockey?

In the NHL, intermissions between periods last 18 minutes. The intermission before the start of overtime lasts one minute.

Which team gets the puck after intermission?

A faceoff is used to put the puck back into play after intermission. On a faceoff the referee drops the puck at center ice on the faceoff spot to start the period.

What happens during hockey intermission?

Players and coaches go to the locker rooms to strategize for the next period. There is also a halftime show to keep fans entertained. You can watch an analysis and breakdown of the period by sports analysts on major television networks.


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