Ice Hockey Giveaways

What is a giveaway and what situations are considered giveaways? Get ready to learn about giveaways and how teams change possession of the puck in ice hockey.


We've already learned what it means to have possession of the puck in an ice hockey game. Throughout the course of a game, teams are constantly changing ownership of the puck through turnovers. A turnover is a change of possession without a goal in ice hockey.

In this tutorial, we will learn about giveaways, what they are, when they happen, and how they result in a turnover of the puck.


A giveaway is a mistake that causes an offensive player with possession of the puck to lose control of it.

Hockey Giveaway Ice

Giveaway Situations

The following are situations that would be considered a giveaway in ice hockey:

Giveaways As A Statistic

Giveaways are a statistic in ice hockey. However, giveaways are plagued by an unreliable data set. Why is it so unreliable? Giveaways aren't tracked in the same way as assists, goals, and other stats are tracked.

The definition of a giveaway varies at all levels of play (youth, college, pro) and when it should be recorded.

We'll learn more about giveaways and ice hockey statistics in future tutorials.

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