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Ice Hockey Game Misconduct Penalties

What is a game misconduct penalty? When are they called? Get ready to learn about game misconduct penalties in ice hockey.


A penalty is called on any player who breaks the rules of ice hockey defined in the rulebook for a league. Penalties result in a power play for the opposing team and can sometimes result in penalty shots if a penalty affected a scoring opportunity.

There are seven (7) main categories of penalties in ice hockey:

In this chapter, we will learn about game misconduct penalties.

Game Misconduct Penalties

A game misconduct penalty is like a misconduct penalty but more serious. The offending player is suspended from play for the rest of the game. Like a misconduct penalty, a game misconduct player does not result in a team playing short-handed. A substitute player can come onto the ice to replace him.

REMEMBER: Game misconduct penalties are very serious and require a player to leave the ice for the rest of the game.

List Of Game Misconduct Penalties

Here is a list of game misconduct penalties in ice hockey with examples:

Power Play Goals (Game Misconduct Penalties)

There are no power plays on game misconduct penalties. The offending player is suspended from play, but a substitute can take his place on the ice.

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